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"Thank you to the friendly and knowledgeable staff, who kindly assisted me in finding photographs of old Desborough Town F.C. teams, when I visited the new expanded Heritage Centre for the first time last week. The displays are interesting and it easy to find different subjects of interest, together with a range of local publications, including the Desborough Scrapbook."
Liz Harris
Lichfield, Staffordshire


"Desborough heritage centre keeps all our old memories alive. I think the out of town members facility is a great idea! I’m all for bridging worlds – virtual or real. Just another of our Desborough evolution, I suppose!"
Susan Robinson

Sketch of Desborough Church Desborough Heritage Centre

Desborough Heritage Centre
Station Road, Desborough

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Sketches provided by Robert Mercer

"Thank you for the latest issue of the Desborough Scrapbook. I just “absorbed” every detail. Many familiar faces. I love it!"
Gina Harnois
Vermont, USA

"The town's Heritage Centre has given back to Desborough one major thing - its PRIDE - and it is remarkable what has been achieved by local volunteers. It is a model for other towns to follow and the Heritage Centre and its publication The Desborough Scrapbook, which helps to keep it afloat and grow, are both magnificent efforts. And just to think the historic photos and artefacts now being proudly displayed for a new generation would have been lost forever, if it had not been for the instigation of the Heritage Centre in our town. Long may it continue to thrive!"

Andrew Edwards