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Sketch of Desborough Church Desborough Heritage Centre

Desborough Heritage Centre
Station Road, Desborough

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Desborough Heritage Centre

Collects Top Awards


 DESBOROUGH HERITAGE CENTRE has been announced as Northamptonshire’s "HERITAGE SITE OF THE YEAR" in a ceremony at Sywell Aerodrome on Thursday, 10th July. The centre won: Best Special Project Award for their 5 years expansion and development of Desborough Heritage Centre. Then in consideration of this award and the success with the recent exhibitions of Lace Making in Northamptonshire and along with the Desborough Railway Exhibition, together with the Judges experience of the whole Heritage Centre the centre was awarded the top award for 2014 The Historic Site of The Year.


                      Desborough 1914-1918

              Men at War and Families at Home.

                                           Children's hands-on display


  Small replica tunics and shirt                      Replica Lee Enfield Rifles

The exhibition commemorates the centenary of the start of the war by remembering the 145 Desborough men who fell and to show soldiers’ stories, the home front and to display war memorabilia. The exhibition also has a “hands on” display, mainly for children to learn about the war; to try on soldiers’ tunics and to let them handle replica weapons. Local schools would be visiting the exhibition later in the year. There is a fantastic window display which shows a typical trench scene featuring very realistic rats living with the soldiers in their trench .  


                                                    Desborough's 145 war dead

                   Example of WWI trench art and pair of field binoculars

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Steve Richards & Doug Deans with the Northamptonshire Heritage Forum award to the Desborough Scrapbook for the Best Published Work.   


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   Latest Exhibition

            Window display of a trench scene


Private Harry Freeman 35942 263rd Company Machine Gun Corps.


Museum Creditation

After very stringent inspection with all items being logged, Desborough Heritage Centre has been given museum creditation. It is now able to compete openly with larger museums.

Latest exhibition: "A Birdseye View of Desborough" from 1952 and before. Come and see if you can spot your house.


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